About Web of Support

Support the Troops BannerMemorial Day, 2003 PJ Degross, founder of Webofsupport.com had just recently moved to Carson City, NV from Key Largo, Fl and wanted to attend a pro-troops rally. Sadly, despite the fact she lived in a capital city, there were no rallies going on that Memorial Day. PJ's husband Patrick told her to "go create a rally" so she did. That was the beginning of a journey to support the troops and their families. A rally was organized and two large banners which said "We Support the troops" were donated for citizens to sign for soldiers deployed.

Sgt Chris MissickAfter searching online for a military blog, P.J. came across "A line in the sand" which was hosted by a soldier from the 319th Signal Battalion, Sacramento, and Ca. SGT Chris Missick was that soldier who agreed to take the banners and distribute them. Over the next several months a fast friendship developed and eventually PJ started sending goody boxes not only to Chris in Kuwait but his other buddies deployed with him.

During Chris's deployment he met the wife of SGT Norris Galatas of the MS National Guard who had recently deployed to Iraq. Sadly, Norris was critically wounded by an IED explosion only a few months into his tour of duty and was at Walter Reed Hospital recovering. It was at this time that Chris asked me to contact Janis Galatas to see if I could assist them; this was also the beginning of Webofsupport.com.

Norris GalatasBrave and dear Norris who lay critically wounded in the hospital asked P.J to "take care of his guys" She happily agreed and then found out there were literally hundreds of them at Camp Dogwood in Iraq. Without any experience she commenced to adopt several units, learning as she went along, making all the mistakes in packing and shipping goody boxes and gathering friends, neighbors and family to help her out.

In 2004, Chris Missick created Webofsupport.com to blog about his experiences traveling the United States thanking supporters who sent him goody boxes, cards and letters; however he soon realized that P.J.s adoption program had become huge, supporting hundreds of soldiers from many different units and cities, it was time for her to have a website.

Web of Support came from a simple desire to help soldiers deployed with our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Today, the program has reached thousands of soldiers and comforted their families through extraordinarily difficult times. Recently P.J. Degross founded "The First Military Wives Club" which supports wives and families through a bonding experience of support, friendship and fun.

We would love to have you join the team and become an integral part of the web of support for America's service members. Please check out our Join the Team page to find out how you can get started today.

Let no solder be forgotten